Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fight for your cause!

After the meeting with the municipality council on 08-05-09, and the answers from the Mayor herself, the only solution for Thiseos Street, on the City within the Walls of Nicosia, is activism, protest and movement of the neighborhood until a solution is offered.

We don't want to offend, not to create situations to anybody. Us, and in particular me, are fighting for our lives, and it's not an hyperbole.
In this blog, parallel to awakewithinthewalls.blogspot, we'll report situations of the traffic in the old city and especially in Thiseos. Please, feel free to cooperate.

Finally, I want to remark that, for us, Nicosia is a fantastic city, full of potential, and she doesn't deserve the present and the future she's been given. We are fighting to make her a better place to live, and for everybody to enjoy.

This blog is about love.


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